100% Flexibility And Faster Results


Are you looking for a foreign language course that is adapted to meet your specific goals and interests? Would you prefer to have your own dedicated teacher, who will provide you with one-on-one tuition? Or perhaps you are simply short on time and would like to fit learning a foreign language around your busy schedule? Then Private Classes is without a doubt the best option for you.


At Fluentli, we are confident that we can meet all your language goals.

Exam Preparation And Homework


We have a wealth of experience in preparing students for their international exams. Our fully trained teachers are able to guide you through your exam preparation and will teach you the very best exam techniques. We even use real past exam papers and hold mock tests under exam conditions, to ensure you pass your final exams with ease. Need help with your foreign language homework or assignment? Also not a problem!

How Does Private Classes Work?


Once your teacher understands your goals and interests, we’ll develop a personalised study plan for you. Every week your class will be adapted to match the progress you make and as we will be able to focus 100% on your development, you’ll improve your foreign language skills even faster.

So why not get in touch with us today and let us know your objectives and availability – we’ll then do the rest!

Why Choose Private Classes?


Flexible Timing and Classroom

We will schedule your Foreign language class at the best time for you – including weekdays, weekends, mornings and evenings.

Length of the Classes


You can choose how many hours you study each week. We usually recommend our private tuition students register for a minimum of 1.5 hours per week, although for faster results many of our students opt to attend twice a week, for two 60 minute classes.

Please note – The minimum number of classes per week for all our private students is at least one, 1hr class.

Flexible Class Size


Our private courses are designed for both individual one-on-one tuition, or for semi-private groups, where you can learn with a small number of your friends or colleagues.

Flexible Lesson Plans

Want to spend more time focusing on one particular aspect, e.g. grammar, sentence structure or learning about the Foreign culture?  Our teachers can tailor your class for you.

A Custom Made Program

Ideally fits to your ambitions and perspectives.

Your Own Native Teacher

You’ll have the undivided attention of your own experienced, native foreign language teacher.

At Your Pace & Timing

We’ll schedule your classes at a pace and time to suit you