Terms & Conditions

1. The institute undertakes to provide a well-structured programme of foreign languages.

2. The institute undertakes to provide fully qualified teachers who are university graduates where appropriate, with specific subject knowledge and a recognised teaching qualification.

3. The student is required to complete the registration form and upload a passport size photograph and a soft copy of the Aadhaar card for admission to the institution.

4. The available seats are limited and will be filled on a first come first serve basis.

5. As such, Students should ensure they read the Terms and Conditions very carefully before signing and submitting their form for admission in the institution.

6. When a student is under 18 years of age at the start of their course at our Institute, their parents or legal guardians must submit their Aadhaar card.

7. In case of a student who is under 18 years of age, any reference in these Terms and Conditions to liability of the student shall also infer liability on the parents or guardian of the student and such liability is joint and several.

8. If at any point of time, the Indian Government increases services tax, the extra amount of service tax will be borne by the students from the date of enforcement of the act by the Government.

9. The institute does not guarantee in any shape or form the examination results of the student nor is it liable for any entrance decisions made by the individual.

10. The institute undertakes to provide a physical and cultural environment which is supportive of the students and the programme of education. Teaching will take place in an appropriate and secure environment.

11. Matters not covered by the contract will be covered by Indian Law. In the event of legal action being taken by either party over this contract, the matter will be subjected to jurisdiction of Indore, Madhya Pradesh.

12. The course fees and registration fees are non-refundable and non-negotiable.

13. If payment of the total amount due, that includes the course fees and registration fees, is not received within 15 days, the contract will be deemed to have been broken and the student will be refused entry to class.

14. The student is expected to adhere to all guidelines issued by the management and the faculty during the term of the course.


15. The student is expected to attend classes on time and to be present on a regular basis – all absences will be noted down and reported. In case of absence the students are expected to notify the institute or faculty in advance.


16. The student is expected to attend class in a manner that is not distracting or threatening to other students or faculties. In cases where the student’s behaviour is consistently abusive or counter- productive, the institute reserves the right to exclude or expel the student.


17. The institute expects the parents to treat the faculties with courtesy and respect.
The institute reserves the right to cancel the contract of the student if the parent has shown a
persistent lack of courtesy to the faculty members.


18. The institute and its staff and representatives will not be liable for loss, theft, damage or
injury to persons or property howsoever caused in the premise of the institute, except where
liability is expressly imposed by law.


19. The institute reserves its right to make any alteration in its programs,venue, timing and days
of classes without any prior notice to anybody. The decision of the director will be final & binding on
the students & parents.